Our Torch Bearers

  • Dr. Gurubax Singh
    Dr. Gurubax Singh
    Founder & CEO

    Dr. Gurubax Singh is a Doctorate in Computer Science with vast experience in IT Industry and IT education. With a dream to contribute to the sector of education and to make education accessible to all, especially in rural areas, he has extensively contributed to the educational institute setup. He started in 2007 with a vision to spread education across India and incepted the idea of incorporating Educare India. He has Setup Schools, has done Brand Promotion and Administration of newly established schools.

    Dr. Gurubax Singh’s rich experience has helped the company in the successful execution of the overseas school project in Abu Dhabi. He is an expert in licensing and accreditation formalities for India and Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). As a consultant, he has helped start 11 DPS (Delhi Public Schools). He is a CBSE empanelled Trainer and has trained over 2000 teachers and has been a part of over 38 school projects. Along with training his leadership skills are the building blocks for the further growth of Educare India.