National and International tie ups

Throughout the world there has been a move to mass education, associated with greater diversity of institutions and programmes and a large increase in the number and size of schooling institutes. Expansion of education sector is leading to different modes of course delivery, including franchising arrangements with third parties under which the parent institution may exercise limited control, virtual course delivery, as well as the delivery of courses through satellite campuses.

Educare India offers a broad spectrum of services to meet the local, national and international requirements. Whether you are a Foreign Institution or a local institution, we treat all our clients with the same quality service and support. We believe that all clients are equally important and deserve the same attention and service. Our clients are so diverse we understand that “one size does not fit all”. Therefore, we attempt to provide as much choice and variety to our clients as possible. Spend a little time with us and you might start seeing the education world like we do. Full of promise for the way education can be used to build and deepen the relationships important to your future of your child.

With our experience in education, new institution development, marketing and operations, we deliver solutions geared to accelerated growth, significant cost reductions, enhanced student loyalty and simultaneously ensure timely planning and implementation for significant market extension.