School Affiliation Assistance

To start a school is a very huge task that involves large amount of capital and risks associated with it. There are different boards to which each and every school is affiliated. Among these boards, one of the well established, popular and one of the oldest board in the system of education is CBSE.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the oldest yet most preferred board of education that offers the best set of education to the children in India. The Board is familiarized to grant affiliation to government schools, private schools and public schools across the country. An important piece of information is that the schools seeking registration number under CBSE board should first apply for CBSE Affiliation. For this, the schools that seek CBSE Affiliation have to adhere to the norms and guidelines prescribed by the CBSE Board. As soon as the school gets affiliation from the board, it is allotted a CBSE Affiliation Code.

Since it is not an easy task to get the school seek affiliation with CBSE- Educare India can Help and guide in this process.

Firstly School should be affiliated to the state board. It doesn’t matter if in future it is affiliated to CBSE or any other board. Education is a states subject so one can have affiliation with any board but affiliation/permission from state board is Compulsory.