Project School Teachers Recruitment Services

School Teachers Recruitment – What are the benefits of agencies, recruitment fairs, independent recruitment tours, skype interviews? How do we create job descriptions, professional and attractive advertisements, contracts? What are appropriate salary and benefits packages?

From individual positions to school wide faculty recruitment services, focus on quality is fundamental, and carefully choosing how to recruit can either ease or hinder the process. It is important for a new school to identify potential constraints (for example, statutory age limits, citizenship requirements, preference for teaching couples to ease accommodation needs) and also to identify the essential personal and professional characteristics of the new recruits. In our experience, personal attributes always carry.

Substantial weight: a teacher who is open-minded, positive, adaptable and student-focused can easily learn the specifics of any curriculum framework. While many established schools prefer to hire only teachers with prior experience (for example, a five-year minimum requirement is very common), new schools may.

Benefit from new teachers who can bring higher levels of energy, commitment, enthusiasm and adaptability.