School Management Service

Sound Management of schools ensures a quality institution of high standards in a safe learning environment. Educare managed schools are highly respected for their academic standards, their dedication to quality and their healthy and safe school environments. All schools benefits from being a member of a network of world-class schools overseen by well-trained, highly experienced, committed educators. Educare School Management Service provides full Management of schools in accordance with our efficient comprehensive educational systems and methodologies that cover all areas of school functioning. Our complete service utilises the diversity we have of professional backgrounds and experiences to ensure the sustainability and growth of an educational institution.

Our team of experienced Educators and dedicated school consultants have the expertise gathered from operating schools in India and abroad to provide educational and operational management. Our services include:

  • Curriculum Management
  • Staff Training Programmes
  • IT Management
  • Finance and Cost Management
  • Provide Administrative and Management Systems
  • Advise on Cost-Effective Education
  • Quality Control
  • IT Integration
  • Academic Audit .