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Challenges of Edu-Startup

Challenges of Edu-Startup

The Education Arena poses a continuous challenge to think creatively and to find financially sustainable ways in the new informal, formal and corporate educational processes, especially considering the incorporation of new Technologies. Institutions and citizens have been seeking information and communication technologies defying the established teaching cultures.



An increasing number of startups have generated new solutions enabling, for instance, a greater interaction between teacher and students, content access in multiple platforms and improvements in the learning process. The solution for most of the challenges in the education area may be achieved through active collaboration between the education sector’s various players. The major challenges for the start-ups can include:

  • Technologies in adaptive learning, artificial intelligence and methods of recommendation of contents focusing on each student’s specific demand in his/her learning process.
  • Solutions for greater engagement and increased absorption of students’ contents in learning, for example, through learning trail creation tools, active learning models, gamification tools and serious gaming, to name a few.
  • New teaching methodologies and technologies focused on greater interaction between teachers and students and surrounding communities; collaborative tools providing interaction to foster creativity and learning between the students themselves, between students, teachers and communities.
  • Solutions to reduce school dropouts considering the students’ interests and goals.
  • Alternative assessment models: New methods for assessment of students’, teachers’ and schools’ performance
  • Solutions in mobile for delivery of content, for instance, in instant research (Quiz) or Massive Open On-line Courses.
  • Collaborative project development by way of learning based on challenges or prototyping with use of Design Thinking methodology
  • Inclusive forms of production and dissemination of educational content.
  • Improvement of internal processes and enhancing of school management.
  • Solutions for empowerment of students and teachers using the learning-maker concept.
  • Instant feedback tools to respond to a quick-thinking demanding generation.
  • Tools for follow-up of the students’ performance by their parents: Control of attendance, class hours, available classroom material, schedule and school / family communication.
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