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The Founder

Dr. Gurubax Singh Chhabda

Founder & CEO

Dr. Gurubax Singh Chhabda, Founder of a leading school education consultancy with over two decades of rich experience in the field. Dr. Gurubax has dedicated his career to improving the quality of education for students and helping schools to achieve their full potential. He is a Doctorate in Computer Science with vast experience in IT Industry.

His passion for education started early in his life, and he has since worked tirelessly to make a positive impact on the education system.

Dr. Gurubax began his career as a teacher, where he gained valuable experience in the classroom and has developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by promoters, teachers & students.

This experience motivated him to start Educare  India Advisory where he could use his expertise to help schools and educators improve their practices and achieve their goals.

Over the years Dr. Gurubax has worked with a wide range of schools, from rural schools to urban districts. During his journey he has brought in a rich experience with an exposure of national and international schools.  He has provided guidance for everything from curriculum design and teacher training to school leadership and organizational development. His expertise and guidance helped countless schools to achieve measurable improvements in student performance, teacher satisfaction, and overall school effectiveness.

Today, Dr. Gurubax Singh is widely recognized as a thought leader in the field of education consultancy, and his services are high in demand from schools all over India. His passion for education, combined with his wealth of experience and knowledge, make him an invaluable resource for any school or educator looking to improve their practices and achieve their full potential.

Dr. Gurubax Singh Chhabda
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