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How to Start an ICSE School in India?

How to Start an ICSE School in India?

The process to start an ICSE school in India includes plenty of norms and procedures to be followed with proper documentation to get the sanction for starting a school in India. Every school is associated with a prior board of education. ICSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is an established and well-known board of Indian Education System. Every board requires dedicated efforts to maintain and run a school. In general, opening a primary school on the first attempt to understand the norms and procedures critically proves to be beneficial. “How to open ICSE school” is a challenging task requiring skills, awareness, and knowledge to complete the procedure legally and successfully.



The most crucial point before starting ICSE school in India is acquiring the desired affiliation. The person or the group of persons who wish to open ICSE school need to understand the amount required to be invested for the purpose. The basic requirements of land, infrastructure, site, academics, finances, management and another setup with proper norms, licenses, approvals, and acceptance needs to be fulfilled in every aspect. The concerned authorities of education boards will execute constant inspection for proper documentation, development of school and getting the No Objection Certificate.

An individual can apply for ICSE school after getting approval for the documentation and other procedures from the state education department. The department must be completely convinced by the proposal made for setting up of a school in India.

How much Capital is required?

Unlike every business, a school needs capital to start and setting the school infrastructure, procuring land and other setup procedures. Minimum requirement of capital is required to begin either with the loan or the investments.

How to complete Registration?

In the case of a private unaided school, they need to be established by way of society this is registered. The land that is purchased or bought on hire wishes to be dealt with in the name of the society for completing the documentation part.

How much Land is required?

The land acquired for school campus must be of 1.5 to 2 acres with the building and ground. And if the campus is set to be in the metropolis, the land must be of not less than 1 acre. Proper documentation of the purchased land is required to proceed with the construction and following rules.

What Educare India offers here?

1) Feasibility Study

  • Educare India will perform a study on Technical, Economic and Operational Viability at the proposed location.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of the project
  • An estimation of income & expenses for 10 years.
  • Preparations of Recommendations and concept note that with the proposed USP’s of the schools.

2) Strategic Guidelines

School formation guidelines development with timelines for Construction, Soft furnishing, Equipment installation, Academic and Non-academic manpower recruitment, admission process, documentation process and Lead Time for various purchases.

3) Architectural Setup


  • Educare India will be providing Architectural concept and assistance in setting up school classrooms, various laboratories, activity area, and playground. Any other technical information on school design (with reference to the affiliating board) will also be supplied if required.
  • Effective Planning for Smart Class, camera, PA system & Learning Management System (LMS) for the field of education in India.

4) Information on Affiliation Process & Timelines

Educare India is a team of highly experienced education professionals having vast information on affiliation process and timelines. Our team would be supplying Guidance and information on each of the followings:

  • Online Form Filling Guidelines.
  • Deficiency Handling.
  • Obtaining of NOC from State Board and its Directives.
  • Various ICSE Regulation details.
  • Guidance on the report to be filled by the ICSE Inspectors.
  • Norms and protocols of ICSE inspection.
  • Management of teachers and classes for ICSE Inspection.
  • Management of Teachers Salary for Inspection.
  • Compliance of Deficiencies after Inspection.


5) Conceptual Note

This document is prepared to illustrate a conceptual note on the academic classes, to begin with, and to be added in the future with timelines and growth pattern.

6) Hard Copy of various formats

We will provide a hard copy of various formats for administrative school operations, reports, log books, year planner, various library formats, admission and attendance registers.

7) Statutory Compliances and Approvals

Guidance in applying for various certificates from different government departments is provided. If deficiencies are pointed out after inspection by the CBSE, compliances for the same will also be filed.

8) Quality Academic Audit and Monitoring

The Academic team visits the school to ensure that academics are proceeding as per plan, that the quality of classroom teaching, activities and sports are good.

9) Training and Assessment

Training of teachers to upgrade them, make them aware of new techniques of teaching, and to exchange innovative ideas. The latest changes in assessment as directed by the Board is also explained the teachers.

10) Academic Management

Academic Management in terms of delivery in the classrooms, maintenance of records, examination, remedial etc.

11) Academic Planning and Implementation

The annual Academic plan for all subjects, month wise is given to the schools and a fortnightly check on its implementation is done.

12) Human Resource Management

Educare India will be handling the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff as per the norms.

13) Marketing and Promotions

Setting up of the brand, promotional activities, Positioning strategy.

14) Admissions

Development of Admission process, counselors training, student and parent handbook etc.

15) Policy formation

Formation of institutions policies related to operations, students, teachers and other functioning areas of the school.

We appreciate your decision to visit our website and sparing time reading this information. We believe and understand that this article was helpful for you. If you are looking for expert consultancy or any kind of help to Start ICSE school in India, please contact us / leave us a comment or message below. Educare India’s expert team would answer you with pleasure. Educare India’s expert team would answer you with pleasure on the topic “how to open ICSE School”.


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