Land documents required as per Affiliation Byelaws

As per CBSE affiliation byelaws, all the land title documents should be in the name of the School or Society/Trust/Company running the school.

  • In case of ownership, the land title documents is a Sale Deed/Conveyance Deed/Gift Deed/Lease Deed/Sub lease/Allotment Letter etc. duly registered before the Registration Authority concerned of the State as per rules.
  • Incase of lease, the Lease Deed of the land/building should be duly registered before the concerned Registration Authority of the State and should be for a minimum effective term of 15 years
  • A lease executed by a government or any agency of government may be accepted even if it is for a term of less than 15 years but the lease should specifically be for running a school
  • The lease deed shall be operational at the time of application for affiliation/upgradation/extension
  • The period of validity of lease or any other documents of property should be such that it guarantees the enjoyment of lawful rights over the land for a continuous period of 5 years or more from the session for which the application for initial affiliation has been submitted
  • It shall be the responsibility of the school to renew the lease or allotment etc. during the period of affiliation to ensure lawful rights over the land on which the school is situated
  • Period of lease will further be subject to the rules and policy of the state /UT government
  • In case of school mentioned in 2.1.5, 2.1.6, 2.1.7, the land may be accepted if the same is under the ownership or legal possession of the (central or state) public sector undertakings, statutory bodies and autonomous bodies, government department etc and has been allotted by the said (central or state) Public Sector undertakings, Statutory bodies and autonomous bodies, Government departments etc for running the school
  • In case of schools established by or in large scale industrial projects, the land may be accepted if the same is under the ownership or legal possession of the industrial project and has been allotted by the said industrial project for running of school.

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