Learning through Technology

A mix of modern, traditional and all the other methods of teaching like Technology/Activity based/play-way method/Project based Learning can be used by teachers in every classroom. All it requires is for a teacher to be well planned with the curriculum and the learning objectives. A well trained teacher technically sound with command over the teaching language can incorporate different methods to make learning an enriching experience.



Many teachers have a general awareness that the Internet offers a rich source of potential learning resources. Even an Internet-resistant “traditional” teacher cannot deny that the World Wide web houses endless and updated information on all facets of topics. Yet the Internet is often used as an “add-on” in the classrooms or demonstrations of cutting-edge programs and possibilities which often intimidate rather than encourage educators.

An activity that is done for enjoyment without thinking about the end result could be called play. For generations, there has been the current of thought that while play is fun, it is also a waste of time that could be spent more productively doing something useful, or not gainful, for that matter. Childhood is the time when kids have countless opportunities for play. A child is happiest when he is engrossed in play of different forms.

Children can improve their motor skills, enhance their power of imagination and creativity by indulging in play. The play-way method should be a flexible one based on a child’s interest and aptitude. It is unplanned and thus encourages complete freedom of expression. This method rules out grading or marking kids based on parameters, say, for example, home assignments. Instead, the teachers assess the skills and aptitude of the child, and communicate their assessments to the parents from time to time.


Adopting various methods of teaching can be the best option for a teacher to groom the students and clarify their concepts. Technology can bring visual understanding and Traditional inputs can bring practical understanding which will result in the success of building a strong foundation.

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