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Recruitment of good Teaching Staff/Faculties in any school is a Challenge?

Recruitment of good Teaching Staff/Faculties in any school is a Challenge?

Education is the base for every society, then training is the finishing touch for the overall grooming of an person. Nowadays the modernization of schools have started, they need qualified and trained staff with experience of handling students to groom them for standing as an individual with confidence.

India is a diversified country with schools at each and every corners of the country, as cities are populated and lack of land , the school promoters are setting up institutions with all modern amenities and diversified activities in the out skirts of cities; this results in distance which raises the geographical constraints of availability of a well versed faculties in those remote areas.

As per the experiences we have had in Educare India Advisory, the schools are facing challenges of high attrition rates every year and if we see the records we can see the span of life of a faculty in one school- graph always tilting lower and it’s not that there is lack of enthusiasm for this profession, it is because of the emoluments offered to faculties and also sometimes the management is not that strong to keep the whole team binding and stop faculties from leaving the schools, be it in private or government schools.


want-to-start-school It doesn’t mean that the youth is not interested in a teaching job; had it been the case, the huge coaching industry that offers good money would not have flourished so much in the country. It’s essentially because of the lucrative pay, which is offered in these coaching industries that many are choosing the teaching option there over the low-paying jobs such as school teaching. There are some people who are really passionate about teaching, but they don’t want to avail the option of becoming a faculty in a school only because of the inadequate compensation and better development opportunities being not offered there. Hence, for luring fresh talent into the profession of teaching, the schools will have to step up financially and should have a strong management with a two way communication system.

Apart from strengthening the school with better management, the schools are also required to see the all round development of teachers but schools are busy in observing students all round development, this also prompts the faculties to look for change since they also look for a growth in their career from every aspects.

When faculties recruitment are happening in a school, nowadays at Educare India Advisory, while recruiting teachers, we have seen the trend that faculties look for the benefits and development opportunities for themselves as well from a school.

When schools during their search although gets good faculties but due to geographical constraints faculties are reluctant to relocate from the current place to any remote areas.

Now there might be a question why they are reluctant to relocate since schools nowadays are offering faculties with fooding and accommodation facilities so let’s find out the reasons:

  • Social life gets affected of the faculties
  • Connectivity issues with hometown
  • Faculties with kids wants to give them city life
  • Lack of availability of markets

Apart from these we also know schools expect female faculties for primary section but due to geographical constraints the female teachers are reluctant to shift, even we can see cases that sometimes they do relocate but lack of consistency is there, they tend to continue may be maximum one academic session and they start looking for a change in their hometown or near to it. This tendency badly affects the schools since the biggest sufferers are students, as they become comfortable with the current teacher and again the whole process starts for the school. In short the schools are again at square one.

We all know that the faculties have the biggest in-school impact on students. But the fact today is that schools are struggling to find qualified faculties to fill their vacancies each year. Teacher shortage has become a major concern not only in India but worldwide. In the recent past, almost every state in the country has decried teacher shortages.

Every school needs qualified, trained and experienced faculties not only with educational qualifications but also with the below qualities

  • Innovative ideas of teaching
  • Activity based learning techniques
  • Innovative knowledge sharing power

Since they make the student to not only perform in academics but also in society. Every school is now facing some issues while recruiting the faculty. Now what happens although many applicants have the required qualifications, training and experience as well, but during interviews the school managements wants to see whether they have the extra skills, that extra X Factor and also the multitasking abilities.

Schools have now stretched their measuring sticks while recruiting faculties by putting more pressure in getting all three parameters which we can name as QTE(qualified, trained and experienced)faculties, which is not an easy task to find.

The higher qualified with experience faculties will not work with every institutions as they have their expectations as well to get placed.

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