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Revamped CBSE Affiliation Bye Laws for Private Schools

Revamped CBSE Affiliation Bye Laws for Private Schools

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) under the aegis of the Ministry of Human Resource Development is the most popular Board in India. The affiliation bye laws were first framed in 1988 and modified in 2012. These new and Revamped Affiliation Bye-Laws came into existence from October 2018, specifically for Private Schools.

The New Affiliation Bye-Laws intend:
1. To make the entire affiliation process user-friendly and less cumbersome.
2. To change the complex procedures to a transparent, faster and easy to follow one.
3. To focus on academic excellence through mandatory teacher training mandatory.
4. The grant of affiliation will be on the fulfillment of Essential Conditions and Requirements Post-Affiliation Conditions before starting the school session. The school to be affiliated will be inspected on its quality of academic standards.
5. The affiliation process will be entirely online and integrated so that communication is immediate.

Categories of Affiliation:
1. Approval for Middle-Class Syllabus.
2. General Affiliation of Secondary or Senior Secondary School.
3. Upgradation of approved Middle School to Secondary Level.
4. Upgradation of Affiliated Secondary School to Senior Secondary.
5. Switch over from any other board to CBSE up to Secondary or Senior Secondary Level.
6. One Time Regular Affiliation.

Essential Conditions For Affiliation:
1. A Society/Trust/Company constituted properly and registered under the relevant act should have non-proprietary
2. The School Management must be constituted according to the provisions under the bye-laws of the Right to
Education Act 2009.
3. The school should have a Recognition Certificate from the respective state education government as per the RTE
Act 2009.
4. A No Objection Certificate from the respective State Government explicitly stating that the State has no
objection to the school getting affiliated to the CBSE.

When all the above essential documents are in place then the Board issues a Letter of Intent for affiliating the schools.
Requirements of Post Affiliation:

1. Staff Service Conditions:
As mentioned under this specific heading elsewhere in this blog.

2. Financial Resources:
a) The Society/Trust/Company should ensure that there are sufficient finances for the smooth running of the
b) No amount can be drawn from the school by any person. The extra amount after meeting all expenditures should be
used for improving the quality of teaching and learning.
c) The School must maintain accounts transparently and maintain the highest standards of accounting. Account
statements must be certified by a CA.
d) All transactions must be carried on in the digital mode.
e) The accounts of the Society and the school must be maintained separately.

3. Reserve Fund:
The school must maintain reserve fund if the respective government so stipulates.

4. Details of Loans:
Details of Loans taken from any agency must be maintained in a register. The loan amount should be utilized for the purpose taken.

5. School Fees:
The motive of the Society/Trust/Company must not be profit and an affidavit stating that the school will be run on a Non-Proprietary nature must be submitted. Fees must be charged in accordance with the facilities given and to manage the expenses incurred for running the school. The points given below should be followed in respect to the fees charged:

a) No Capitation Fee may be charged for admission.
b) Admission and Tuition Fees May be charged according to the directions of the respective State government.
c) Fees may be charged under heads that have been approved by the State government.
d) If a student applies for Transfer Certificate, Fees up to the month that the child has attended may be charged and not up to the month when the TC has been applied for.

6. Website:
The school’s website shall contain all the information about the school and update its contents regularly. Details of the number of students enrolled, fee structure, etc.should be regularly uploaded.

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