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What are the steps for opening a new school?

What are the steps for opening a new school?

Are you in the planning phase of opening a school in India and wondering how to start this venture successfully? Look no further – the Educare India Advisory team is here to provide expert guidance, leveraging their extensive global experience in school setup consultancy. Explore the essential steps involved in opening a CBSE / ICSE / IB / IGCSE board school in India, including eligibility, financial considerations, and a strategic approach:

Eligibility Criteria for CBSE School

To open a CBSE school, meet the minimum land requirement of 1.5 acres in any part of India, except in metropolitan cities or areas with a population exceeding 15 lakhs, where 1 acre is sufficient. Ensure the land is non-agricultural and aligns with CBSE affiliation byelaws.

Financial Considerations

Like any business venture, starting a school requires adequate capital. This encompasses acquiring or leasing land, constructing infrastructure, setting up classrooms, laboratories, procuring equipment, and recruiting staff. Our team can help you devise a budget plan tailored to the specific needs of establishing a new CBSE school.

Establishing a Society or Trust

Found your school under the umbrella of a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 of the Government of India or State Government Acts as an educational, charitable, or religious society with a non-proprietary character. Ensure that the land, whether owned or leased, is registered in the name of the society.

Construction in Compliance with CBSE Norms

Construct the school building in adherence to the CBSE affiliation byelaws, ensuring proper boundary demarcation on the land.

Document Procurement and Guidance

Post these initial steps, our experienced team will guide you through the procurement of various local-level documents. Additionally, we offer assistance in critical areas such as admissions, teacher recruitment, and training.

Ready to take the first steps towards opening your dream school in India? For personalized guidance and support, contact us at 8889063333 or send your enquiry by filling a form.


Embark on the journey of establishing a new CBSE school with confidence, supported by the expertise of Educare India Advisory. Learn the crucial steps for starting a new school and gain insights into the finance required to turn your vision into a successful educational institution.
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