Why does a School Consultant is required?

School Consultants are usually individuals who have been teachers and have been actively involved in school administration. Consultants are experts who have expertise in the important areas of education, viz. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.

With their in-depth knowledge of school education, the Consultants add value to the school. They help in saving time and money of the promoters. All the requirements of the different Boards and the State Education departments are known to them so any delay possible is immediately blocked.

The Consultants’ help in the selection of a suitable land, the study of whether the area selected for a school is feasible or not, documentation required for affiliation and other such work requires knowledge.

Selecting staff is another daunting task that requires knowledge of the requirements of the Board as well as the availability of staff. From the wide resources of the Consultant, the school is staffed by the best available in the country.


Why is a Consultant necessary?

A School Consultant in India can help you in doing the following:

  • Architectural assistance, by working with the architect fulfilling the affiliation board norms and avoiding unnecessary construction, thus saving on time and money;
  • Planning the Program Evaluation Review Chart (PERT) chart and timeline for the execution of the project, which again saves time and money
  • Recruitment planning of efficient people at minimum cost
  • Infrastructural planning and execution
  • Assistance in obtaining necessary approvals and permissions
  • Planning the entire stationery requirements of the school
  • Planning the promotional activity in the city
  • Designing of the brochure, school stationery, and website for the school
  • Academic calendar planning
  • Teachers training
  • Affiliation from the Board; and,
  • Doing academic audit and supervision work

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