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FAQs For New Affiliation System

FAQs For New Affiliation System

Q1. What is Affiliation?
Ans. “Affiliation” means formal affiliation of a school with the CBSE for the purpose of preparing students for admission to the Board’s examination. It includes affiliation under all categories and of all types.

Q2. Where should I apply for Affiliation?
Ans. The schools aspiring to get affiliation from CBSE may apply on the CBSE website The detailed procedure for application is demonstrated in the audio- visuals at the same website.

Q3. Where can I get the complete details/requirements for affiliation with CBSE?
Ans. Before applying for affiliation, the schools are advised to refer to CBSE Affiliation Bye-laws (which include detailed requirements for school Affiliation) as well as the Handbook for detailed procedure for submission of application and further processes available at

Q4. Can a school apply itself or should apply through third party consultant?
Ans. The procedure for affiliation has been simplified to the extent that a school fulfilling all mandatory requirements as per the Affiliation Byelaws can apply easily in a user friendly manner through the website The detailed procedures and demonstrative audio visuals have been uploaded on the website. Besides the CBSE doesn’t expect any school to apply through third party/consultant etc.

Q5. Why there is a need to integrate NEP with affiliation?
Ans. To attain the goal of data driven decisions, achieve transparency, bring accountability in the entire process and reduce compliances through time-bound disposal of the applications for affiliation, there is a need to integrate the recommendation of NEP with affiliation.

Q6. Why CBSE for affiliation?
Ans. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the premier National Board under the aegis of Ministry of Education. The main mandate of CBSE is to affiliate schools for conducting Secondary and Senior Secondary Level Examinations.

  • CBSE is the Pacesetter Board in India that has a pan-India and International presence.
  • More than 25000 schools are affiliated with the Board in India and 26 countries as on date.

Q7. What is OASIS?
Ans. OASIS means Online Affiliated School Information System which is aimed to integrate various document/data/information uploaded by the school. The document/data/information uploaded by the school on the OASIS will be main source of data and same shall be utilized for scrutiny of various applications and further decision thereon.

Q8. What are the major changes in affiliation process?
Ans. Major changes in the affiliation process to make the system more accountable are as follows:

  • Display of Mandatory disclosure at school website
  • Introduction of System generated self-certification /System generated DEO certificate
  • Data driven scrutiny of application
  • Introduction of Virtual Inspection
  • Display of IC report to school
  • Change in period of Affiliation from 03 years to 05 years
  • Digital Signature of the school for authenticating the information/documents uploaded

Q9. What is the timeline for applying for fresh affiliation/upgradation/ extension etc.
Ans. For the applications for the session of 2022-23, the timelines for applying for fresh affiliation/upgradation/extension etc. is as follows:

Category of Application Timelines for each calendar year
Fresh Affiliation and UpGradation of Affiliation There shall be three window periods, as follows:
• Open on 16th March and close by 30th April 2021
• Open on 1st June and close by 30th June 2021
• Open on 1st September and close by 31st October 2021
Extension of Affiliation Open on 16th March and close on 31st May 2021
After 31st May 2021 can apply with additional fee
All Other Applications Open on 16th March and shall remain open throughout the year

Note: • In case of application for extension of Affiliation, school can apply beyond the period mentioned above with the fees as mentioned in the Appendix I of Affiliation Bye-laws. The timelines for the session 2023-24 shall be displayed on by December, 2021.

Q 10. Is there any change in process of applying for affiliation?
Ans. The application process for all above categories will be divided into two parts

For schools applying for Fresh Affiliation

In case of the new schools applying for affiliation, pre-registration is required to be done by filling up the details in KYC form before proceeding to Part A. The Part A of pre-registration of school consists of the mandatory details to be filled and mandatory documents to be uploaded along with the registration fee (Rs. 10000, non-refundable) which will be adjusted in Part B of application. At this stage, school will be able to submit the documents/information only through uploading the Digital Signature of the school/society/trust/company for authenticity of the documents/information.

The link for applying for new school is – For schools applying for Up gradation of Affiliation/Extension etc.

Schools applying for Up gradation of Affiliation/Extension, Part A for pre-registration of school, mandatory conditions data & documents upload, link for mandatory public disclosure, System Generated Self-Certification by Principal & Manager of school duly countersigned by authorized signatory of society/trust/company. At this stage, school will be able to submit the documents/information only through uploading the Digital Signature of the school/society/trust/company for authenticity of the documents/information.

The link for applying for Up gradation of Affiliation/Extension etc. school is available at

Part B will consist of all other details and fees as per category of affiliation.

Q11. What is Public Disclosure?
Ans. Public Disclosure means display of vital information about school in their website so as to facilitate the stakeholders to acquaint themselves about the school.

Q12. Is it mandatory for schools to maintain website?
Ans. Yes, the schools are required to develop and maintain its website providing vital information about the school on the website.

Q13. What is the format for Mandatory Public Disclosure?
Ans. The format for Mandatory Public Disclosure is available at Appendix IX of the Affiliation Byelaws.

Q14. What if part A is filled and part B is not filled?
Ans. The registration of the school once completed after filling part A shall be valid till last date of submission of application for the respective session.(i.e. for the session 2022-23, registration of the school shall be valid till 31st October, 2021). If the school fails to submit part B by the last date of submission of application for the respective session, then the registration shall automatically be termed as invalid and the registration fee, if any, shall be forfeited.

Q15. Whether the school is eligible to apply again if the preregistration of application for affiliation becomes invalid?
Ans. Yes. The school will be eligible to apply afresh in the next session along with requisite fees.

Q16. What are the documents needed to be submitted at Part A?
Ans. The schools applying for affiliation must have the following documents:

  • No Objection Certificate(NOC).(Not required for the schools already affiliated, Government schools )
  • Recognition Certificate.(Not required for the Government schools and schools located in foreign countries)
  • Registration certificate of Society or Trust/ Certificate of incorporation of the company running the school
  • Land Certificate as per appendix X of Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018.
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Building Safety Certificate

Q17. What is the next step after filling the details of Part A of the application for affiliation?
Ans. After submitting all the information as per Part A of the application, school will have an option to generate System generated Selfcertification or System generated DEO certificate on the basis of data filled in Part A.

Q18. What school needs to do with system generated selfcertification or DEO Certificate?
Ans. In case school opts for Self-certification, the school is required to upload the same with digital signature of the school. However, in case school opts for DEO certificate, the school is required to get the DEO certificate duly signed by DEO/DIOS/Any other officer authorized by State/UT Education Department and upload the signed copy of DEO certificate with digital signature of the school.

Q19. What if information submitted by school in system generated self-certification or at any other stage is wrong?
Ans. Submission of any fraudulent/ deliberate misrepresentation, incorrect System Generated Self-Certification with intent to obtain affiliation through wrongful means may lead to appropriate action against the Principal, Manager concerned and authorized signatory of the Society.

Q20. How a school will know that it is qualifies to fill part B of the application?
Ans. After completing the pre-registration form in Part A, the details/information submitted by the school will be scrutinized by the system and on fulfillment of mandatory requirements of Affiliation Byelaws, school will be qualified to fill Part B of the application.

Q21. How will the school ensure that the documents submitted are valid or not?
Ans.The certificates/documents submitted by the school must be issued by the appropriate Government authority and valid as on date of final submission of application for affiliation

Q22. What is the next step after filling part A and Part B?
Ans.Schools fulfilling the mandatory conditions will be inspected by a Committee generally comprising two members

Q23. Whether inspection of school will be done physically or virtually?
Ans. Inspection of school shall be done in the manner prescribed by CBSE from time to time. Please also refer to the clause no. 11.2 and 11.4 of the Affiliation Byelaws.

Q24. What are the data/documents which Inspection Committee will verify during inspection?
Ans. All the data/information/documents submitted by the school with the application will be verified/ scrutinized by inspection committee during inspection.

Q25. How school shall determine whether it is fulfilling minimum land criteria for Affiliation?
Ans. School should fulfill minimum land requirement as per Chapter 3 of Affiliation Bye-laws as well as subsequent amendments/circulars in the regard from time to time.

Q26. What if NOC/Recognition is in vernacular language?
Ans.If NOC/Recognition certificate is in vernacular language, then the school must upload its duly notarized translated copy in English/Hindi along with the signed copy of NOC/Recognition certificate in vernacular language.

Q27. Which land documents are required as per Affiliation ByeLaws? Acceptable
Ans.All the land title documents should be in the name of the School or Society/Trust/Company running the school.

  • In case of ownership, the land title documents is a Sale Deed/Conveyance Deed/Gift Deed/Lease Deed/Sub lease/Allotment Letter etc. duly registered before the Registration Authority concerned of the State as per rules.
  • For further details, school may refer to rule no. 3.8 of Affiliation Bye-laws 2018.

Q28. What are the validity period of lease /sub lease deed ?
Ans.In case of lease/sub-lease , the Lease Deed of the land/building should be duly registered before the concerned Registration Authority of the State and should be for a minimum period of 15 years
The period of validity of lease or any other documents of property should be such that it guarantees the enjoyment of lawful rights over the land for a continuous period of five years or more from the session for which the application for initial affiliation has been submitted

Q29. What is meaning of land certificate?
Ans. The land on which the school is located should necessarily be a contiguous single plot of land. If there are more than two survey numbers etc. all the survey numbers/plots should be adjacent/touching each other and shall make a single plot of land on the whole. To this effect, the school is required to submit the land certificate ascertaining the compactness of land as per Appendix-X of Affiliation Bye-Laws.

Q30. What would be the minimum size of class rooms and laboratories?
Ans.School should have classrooms and Maths Laboratory with minimum size of 8 m. x 6 m. (approximately 500. sq. ft.) and other laboratories of approximately 600 sq.ft. There should be one room for each class/section. Minimum floor space should be at least 1 sq. mtr. per student which is to be verified by IC.
The school should have vacant class rooms for running proposed classes/sections as per the application of affiliation.

Q31. What are the facilities available in school library?
Ans. School should have library with minimum size of 14 m x 8 m fully equipped and with reading room facility and other resources to cater to the strength of students in the school. Also, the library should have sufficient number of age appropriate books on all subjects in its stock.

Q32. What would be the optimum enrollment of students?
Ans. The number of students in the class should not be very large. The optimum number in a section of a class is 40.
Availability of one square meter Built-up Floor Area per child in the classrooms is an absolute necessity in the school.

Q33. What are the playground facilities available at school?
Ans. Adequate ground to create outdoor facilities for at least 200 meter Athletics Track. Facilities for Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, basketball etc. In all cases where the affiliation has been granted on relaxed land norms, the outdoor facilities shall be proportional to available land.

Q34. What are the facilities available in school laboratories?
Ans. School laboratories which include composite science lab or/and separate Physics, Chemistry, Biology lab and Computer Science lab should have minimum size of 9 m. x 6 m. each (approximately 600 sq. ft).

Q35. How many computers are required in computer lab?
Ans. The school should have computer science lab with minimum of 20 computers and maintain computer to student ratio of 1:20.

Q36. What would be the criteria of boundary wall?
Ans. The school must possess pucca concrete boundary wall or wall with iron grilled fencing with appropriate height of 6 ft on all four sides of the school campus.

Q37. Who is the authority to issue safety certificates?
Ans. The safety certificates should be issued by competent government authority of the State/District and in case of Building safety certificate, the certificate issued by government empanelled engineer is also acceptable.

Q38. What is the meaning of commercial activities in the school?
Ans. Multiple use of school building is allowed for the limited purposes of Promotion of Education and Skill Development including Vocational Education but the school shall not use its building and infrastructure for any commercial activity.

Q39. What are requirement of teaching staff in the school?
Ans. The school is required to have qualified teaching staff as per sections running in the school. The school needs to maintain student teacher ratio of 30:1

Q40. What are the facilities required in school for students with special needs?
Ans. The school should have facilities like ramps at entry/exit points and toilets etc. for wheelchair users in accordance with the provisions laid down in RPWD Act-2016

Q41. What is the Academic parameter which Inspection committee will verify?
Ans. Inspection committee will verify the following academic parameters

  • The school has a clear vision that is communicated to all stakeholders through websites, almanac etc.
  • 2. The school has an annual development plan, for all aspects related to a school.
  • 3. Principal/ School leader understand new curricular practices and applies them in the school.
  • 4. Teachers have annual/ term-wise academic plans.
  • 5. Teachers are conversant with effective and innovative pedagogical practices and use them for classroom delivery.
  • 6. Varied forms of assessment are used to attain Learning Outcomes and regular feedback is given to students and guardians.
  • 7. School conducts student enrichment activities to develop 21st century skills and real-life competencies.
  • 8. Through its policies, school promotes health and wellness among students.
  • 9. Systems are in place for combating emergencies and disasters.
  • 10. School sensitizes staff and all stakeholders towards CWSN
  • 11. School has provisions for regular professional development of teachers.
  • 12. School promotes and adopts eco-friendly practices (water harvesting, solar lighting, recycling etc.).

For further details, the school may visit link at URL: pdf

Q42. How will the date of Inspection be finalized?
Ans. The Board will convey system generated three different dates spreading over the period of 15 days.

  • School will be given 07 days for preparation of inspection from date of issue of letter of inspection.
  • Both school and inspection committee members are required to fix a date of inspection mutually out of 03 dates conveyed via inspection letter.

Q43. What will happen if inspection of school does not take place on stipulated dates?
Ans. In case, the inspection committee is ready and the school intentionally fails to get the Inspection done on the stipulated dates communicated by the Board (except for the reasons beyond control) in the inspection letter, the school will be penalized with a monetary penalty of Rs 25000/- and fresh schedule shall be communicated. The above process shall be followed till the inspection is conducted as per date decided by the Board. However, the application shall be rejected if the school fails to get the inspection done after three opportunities.

Q44. What if inspection of school has not been conducted by the Inspection Committee on stipulated dates even if the school is ready?
Ans. In case of non-conduct of Inspection on stipulated date by the Inspection Committee members (except for the reasons beyond control) he/she would be debarred for inspection in that particular calendar year. The same would also be communicated to the management of school for further necessary action against the Principal.

Q45. How the inspection report will be submitted and reviewed?
Ans. There will be computerized scrutiny of IC report, as per parameters decided by the CBSE.
The decision to Grant/ Not Eligible for Grant will be based on scrutiny of data submitted by school and IC report.

Q46. What is online feedback form?
Ans.The school is required to submit online feedback regarding entire process of Inspection.
The copy of online feedback form is available in the Handbook.

Q47. Whether the School gets chance to see the report submitted by the Inspection Committee?
Ans. The complete Inspection Report would be visible to school on submission of online feedback form.

Q48. What happens if inspection committee does not find school to be eligible for grant of Affiliation?
Ans. In the cases where inspection committee does not find school eligible for grant, the school may submit its feedback/representation against the grounds of non-eligibility online within 15 days as per the prescribed format.

  • All such cases will be forwarded to the Review Committee constituted along with the feedback/representation received from the school.
  • The school shall be given an opportunity to present their case before the Review Committee and the final decision will be taken based on the recommendations of the review committee.
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