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School Affiliation Re-engineered Automation System (SARAS)

School Affiliation Re-engineered Automation System (SARAS)

01 Timeline For New Affiliation Applications Reduced
to maximum 4 Month’s Time

Automatic Approvals Based on Data Analytics for
Extension/Upgradation/Section Increase Etc

Use of Machine learning/ Artificial Intelligence to read Documents

All Interaction with Board to be Transparent and Accountable

Relies on Self-certification and Public Disclosure

Provision of Virtual Inspection

Major Role of Technology

Instant Flow of Information to Applicants

2.1 School Affiliation Re-Engineered Automation System (SARAS):
This refers to the Affiliation system that has been re-engineered/ restructured for ensuring greater effectiveness. This is a completely digital system, with least human intervention, and will come into effect from March 2021.

2.1.1. Rationale for Restructuring the Existing Affiliation System (OSAMS) as SARAS:
The para 8.8 of the National Education Policy states, “The standard-setting/regulatory framework and the facilitating systems for school regulation, accreditation, and governance shall be reviewed to enable improvements on the basis of the learnings and experiences gained in the last decade.”

Keeping in view the recommendations of the National Education Policy 2020, OSAMS has been reengineered as SARAS to:

  • Establish Ease of doing business in CBSE affiliation system
  • Reduce compliances
  • Attain the goal of minimum government maximum governance
  • Enable data driven decisions
  • Achieve Transparency
  • Bring accountability in the entire systemic processes
  • Avoid data redundancy
  • Enable Integrated Affiliation System
  • Achieve quick and time-bound disposal of all application

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