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Health Care Course by CBSE

Health Care Course by CBSE

A write up by Educare India Advisory on “Skill based subject ‘Health Care 413’ offered by CBSE in secondary level”

In view of this corona period, every parent wants and at the same time, it is the responsibility of education sector also, that we must make a sense in every child that they must be able to take care of their health themself. But the challenge for everyone is to properly explain to them the importance/precautions/remedies of their health issues. In this pandemic situation and for the future unexpected problems, it becomes very important for everyone that every child must be able to take cares themselves and in future supports their families as well as society and country also.

Friends, Educare India Advisory always keep you updated for the child benefitted course according to current and future challenges. Our blog gives complete information about such a skill subject offered by CBSE starts from secondary level, and helps the school as well to run this course.

Subject Name Subject Code Job Role
Health Care 413 General Duty Assistant

Educare India Advisory is one of the fastest growing educational consultancy services across India. Our services comprise of complete guidance for academic support with giving valuable guidelines. Here, we present the new skill based subject “Health Care” with its all aspects.

Objective of skill based subject “Health Care” in CBSE curriculum

  1. 1. To train paramedical staff for providing quality service to the society.
  2. 2. To understand the effective communication, identification of hazards and their management.
  3. 3. To understand the rules and regulations to be followed by a General Duty Assistant in a hospital.
  4. 4. To understand the clinical duties that includes taking and recording vital parameters, medical histories, preparing patients for examination and dispensing medical prescription.
  5. 5. To understand administrative duties that include scheduling appointments, maintaining a rapport between patients and hospital administration.

Educare affiliation service always keep all the board’s norms on top priority and experts helps right from the documentation, application to inspection in the process of affiliation. As per CBSE norms the minimum qualification for appointment of teachers to start the new skill based subject “Health Care” is

B.Sc. Nursing and Midwifery (4 years) from institute recognized by INC


3½ years Diploma in GNM with one year Experience

Our Recruitment Services, when it comes to recruiting teachers, our expertise team plays a vital role in getting the best quality teachers and placing them on time as per the need of our clientele base PAN India. Huge networking at various levels acts as a catalyst for getting the best out of the crowd and meets the requirements of the clients.

To introduce a new course in school is always a challenge for not only principal but even school management also. There is lots of planning and preparation required, Educare India provides full Management of schools in accordance with our efficient comprehensive educational systems and methodologies that cover all areas of school functioning. The list given below is suggestive material required at school for smooth run new course “Health Cares”

Material Required for:

  1. Shelves for Stacking Products

Medical room containing the following: –

1. Sphygmomanometer 2. Thermometer
3. Wall Mounted Stadiometers 4. Weighing scale
5. Hospital bed with pillow 6. Side Table or tray
7. Bedside small stool 8. Hospital Stretchers
9. Blanket 10. First Aid box
11. Sanitizers 12. Wheel Chair
13. Nebulizer 14. Mattresses
15. Clock 16. Good source of light
17. Large bottle for water 18. Bell or noisemaker to call for assistance
19. Small Wastebasket or a bucket lined with a plastic garbage bag 20. Clipboard with paper and a pen for writing in the daily log

Teacher trainings are most frequently in use service of Educare India Advisory. Our experts always suggest best and useful teaching and training aids. For skill based subject “Health Care” we suggest the following teaching/training aids

1. Computer 2. LCD Projector
3. Projection Screen 4. White/Black Boards
5. Flip Charts 6. Video and audio recorders

Educare India Advisory highlighting the career opportunity for the students those are showing interest in the skill based subject “Health Care” at secondary level

Paramedical staff Nurse General Duty Assistance

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