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How to start a new ICSE school in India?

How to start a new ICSE school in India?
Over the years, the government has taken various initiatives to make educational institutions accessible to the society at large in a bid to ensure education for all. Although government schools are the largest provider of elementary education in our country with over 80% of all recognized schools being run or supported by the government, but still the demand for private schools is on the rise. We need more and more good quality competent schools to spread the social cause of education and to increase the literacy rate in India.

Why Feasibility Study is important for school project?

For any new school promoter it is very important to understand the viability of the project. To do so, one must do a feasibility study, either on his own or by a professional agency. This also gives a fair idea of investment required under various heads. Professional agencies like us also provide a 10 year financial plan (DPR) to the clients. This study will help in understanding the duration required for Operational Break Even Point and the Capital Break Even Point. This will also enable the promoter to have proper fund planning to meet the requirements.

To start a school in India following pre requisites are to be taken care as on date:

  • A registered trust /society
  • Should have adequate land and infrastructure as per requirement of a particular board from which the school wants to get affiliated
  • Necessary local level certificates to be validated from the local bodies
  • State board affiliation to be secured
  • No Objection Certificate to be secured from State Board of Education

For getting ICSE affiliation

  • Minimum land size requirements is 0.5 acre (2000 sq mtrs) as prescribed by the Council as on date
  • Fully covered campus with boundary wall of 6 feet height
  • Separate urinals for boys and girls with physical partition between urinals – Ratio of 1:30 (one urinal for 30 students)
  • Minimum 6 taps of drinking water each floor
  • Number of classrooms – Minimum 10 (assuming 1 section per class from std I to X) (Pre Primary classes are not included)
  • Number of labs (600 sq ft approx) – Separate for Physics, Chemistry and Biology & Computer Lab
  • Number of library (1000 sq feet) – 1
  • Ideally Number of CCA rooms – 3 (Preferably classroom size)
    One each for Indoor sports, Music & Dance and Art N Craft
  • Sick room and staff room – one classroom to be divided into two
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) issue by state board and various other certificates as per the requirement of ICSE board like:
    1. Land certificate
    2. Building safety certificate
    3. Fire safety certificate
    4. Safe drinking water and sanitation certificate etc. as per the format given by the ICSE board.

Note: Size of individual classrooms should be approx 400 square feet
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