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Importance of Teachers Selection

Importance of Teachers Selection
Teacher Recruitment is the process of providing an adequate number of quality applicants. Teacher selection is the process of choosing only high-quality employees from among the assembled applicants. Hiring, supporting, and sustaining effective teachers is one of the most important responsibilities of school leaders, perhaps the most important responsibility. If we believe that teaching and learning are the core of schooling, then we also understand why good teacher selection is absolutely indispensable to high-achieving schools. And for those of us who are out of India, identifying and selecting highly qualified teachers to facilitate learning in a productive and academically enriching classroom environment is integral to satisfying the need for capable teachers and fulfilling the requirements of No Child Left Behind.
An examination of the past historical data of teacher effectiveness reveals that concern about capable teachers is not a new development. Studies on the qualities of effective teachers were mainly focused on personality traits. Today, such studies focus on teaching methods, behavior toward student learning, mastery of competencies, professional decision making, and interaction of pedagogical and subject area knowledge. Of the various conceptual lenses that can be used to consider teacher quality, accountability is the most prominent—meaning the focus tends to be teacher competence and the importance of providing evidence of effectiveness and to consider teacher effectiveness, we need to address the following issues:

  • The quality indicators of effective teachers
  • The connection between teacher quality and teacher selection
  • The importance of connecting teacher quality to teacher selection

Therefore, to resolve hiring issues and make an effective selection, Educare India team keeps up consistent efforts and assures that right person for the right place is selected.

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