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Land requirement for CBSE affiliation

Land requirement for CBSE affiliation

When we are planning to set up a school, the first question in our mind is that how much land we will be required to set up a CBSE project.

The land requirement for CBSE varies from city to city and when you go through the CBSE bye laws you will get a long list so we being your consultant let’s make it easy for you to understand the land requirement:

  • Anywhere in India other than hilly area as marked under the byelaws of CBSE ,metropolitan cities and cities with population less than 15 lacs – 1.5 acre / 6000 sq metres (with restrictions of students) or 2 acre/8000 sq metres (with no restrictions of students)
  • Metropolitan or cities with population more than 15 lacs – 1 acre / 4000 sq metres
  • Hilly areas as marked in Byelaws of CBSE (Hilly areas/capital cities/NCR/cities >15 lakh/ Panchkula (Haryana) and Mohali/ North-East/Islands/J &K)– 1 acre/4000 sq metres

Apart from above basic thumb rules we can proceed with more detailed understanding as follows:

  • A1 Cities –
  • 4000 Sq mtrs – Senior Secondary Section- 4 streams
  • 3000 sq mtrs – Senior Secondary Section – 2 Streams
  • 2000 Sq mtrs – Secondary level
  • Metropolitan cities/entire state of Arunachal Pradesh –
  • 3200 Sq mtrs – Senior Secondary Section – 4 streams
  • 2400 sq mtrs – Senior Secondary Section – 2 Streams
  • 1600 Sq mtrs – Secondary level


want-to-start-school We need to keep in mind that the land should be in a single piece of land and no public road, railway line, stream, canal and power lines should cross the piece of land. The plot of land should be surrounded by a single continuous 6 feet height boundary wall on all four sides enclosing the school building and the playground.

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