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Planning to open a School ?

Planning to open a School ?

Are you planning to open a school? Educare India Advisory team is here to guide you with their expertise of working globally to set up a school.
Following are some of the points that will help you understand how to open a CBSE board school in India in a nutshell:

Eligibility to open a CBSE School: Any promoter who has the minimum required land of 1.5 acre anywhere in India except in any metropolitan cities and cities where population is more than 15 lacs their 1 acre of land is the minimum requirement. The land should be a diverted land not an agricultural land or any land allowed as per byelaws of CBSE affiliation

Capital: Like every business, a school requires a capital for setting up the infrastructure and completing the procedures for set up. These requirements start right from procuring a land by ownership or on lease to setting up the structure, classrooms, laboratories, equipments, staff recruitment and several other components.

Setting up of Society or Trust: The school that you set up should be they need to be established by a Society that is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 of the Government of India or under Acts of the State Governments as educational, charitable or religious societies having non-proprietary character or by Trusts. The land that is purchased or bought on lease needs to be dealt on the name of the society.

Building Construction: The building has to be built as per the norms provided by the byelaws of CBSE affiliation with proper boundary on the land.

After the above steps our team will guide you with various documents to be procured at local levels and help you in shaping the school from getting admissions, teacher’s recruitment and training.
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