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STEM Education now transforming into STEAM Education

STEM Education now transforming into STEAM Education

Hello reader, my main purpose of writing this blog is to explore the transformation of education system from STEM into STEAM.
I, would like to give focus on emerge of STEM education system. STEM is a acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The word STEM emerged in early 2000s in the United States. What was known as SMET was renamed as the acronym STEM. It all happened during one science meet when some educators were working on creating science-based curricula and they re-arranged the word SMET to STEM.
India is one of the top producers of scientists and engineers. Due to this, the STEM education in India has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. Indian universities have led from the front in STEM education – and it shows in the rapid strides that India has made in the world of science. Research has shown that children develop an interest in the STEM at an average age of eight. This is because of the fact that they are fascinated by technology, gadgets and various other devices. It is important that the schools are provided with the necessary resources and tools to build the craze for STEM into their curriculum and making it fun, inspiring the next-gen.


If, you are familiar about the STEM education system, than STEAM education system is an extended form of STEM, It is newer version of STEM education system with some more skills in curriculum. STEAM is more than Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, it includes the artistic skills also, It removes the limitation of STEM and promote art inclusion.

“Science & Technology, interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements.”


We are in the ear of 21st century, where we are trying to design an educational approach that give student a creative critical thinking. Knowledge and information cannot be bounded in boundary of class or school. The nature is one of the biggest school that explore itself, demonstrated the practical knowledge allow us to think and find the answer of his creativity that all is above the limit of our think and mind. If we are showing the students that “this is water” it is a science but if we are telling the shapes or color of water it comes under Art.

That is STEAM education collaborate the Art with all subjects. If students are listen, watching, doing, afterward drawing something creative (like musical notes, sketch, writing article/drama/story, crafting, etc…) give more strengthen to the knowledge of student.

STEAM educational approach gives the student such kind of ability that helps the students to solve the real life problem by hands of practical learning and creative mind.


STEM is the educational discipline that engages students around the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, its’ main objective is to develop the critical thinking skill of student. Students in STEM programs may have more experiential learning opportunities, but they are limited to only science, technology, engineering and math.

STEAM allows students to connect their learning in these critical areas together with arts practices. STEAM is a latest education approach, with all the feature of STEM including ART integration. The ‘A’ includes the liberal arts as well, meaning language arts, social studies, physical arts, fine arts, and music.


1. Skill Based Education
2. Interlinked and interconnected projects
3. Educator in place of Teacher
4. Change into Assessment method.


STEAM based education program is an integration of learning and teaching, that require the interlink connections between the curriculum, lesson plan, learning outcome, assessment methods.

If you are planning to open a new school and the mission of the school is to give true education and inculcate 21st century skill’s (critical thinker, problem solver, creative, innovative mind, communication skillful, collaborator and entrepreneurship), If you are a visionary of future school then you need to give extra support to boost your team and one step forwarder thinker team support. Educare India Advisory Consultancy Company is a right name to fulfill your mission and vision.

Expert of Educare India Advisory academic team gives proper guidance to the client schools to promote the STEAM based learning approaches and conduct time to time training for principals and teachers.

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