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Physical Infrastructure for a CBSE School

Physical Infrastructure for a CBSE School

In the Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018, the Central Board of Secondary Education has changed a few norms for affiliation particularly in the infrastructure of the school. In the latest Affiliation Bye-Laws the Board has expressed with clarity on all issues regarding affiliation. The new bye-laws shift away from the complex procedures to a simplified one. These have been affected so that there is no duplication and making the affiliation process fast. The affiliation process will be completely online. A new school seeking CBSE affiliation must satisfy certain conditions. These are:

1. Classrooms:
It need hardly be mentioned that each section of a class should have one room. The size of each room should be 8m x 6m or approximately 500 square meters. The floor area for each child should be a minimum of a 1square meter per student.

2. Science Laboratory:
For Secondary School a Composite Laboratory of 9x6m is required. For Senior Secondary School separate Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology are required complete with types of equipment and facilities.

3. Library:
Minimum size of a Library should be minimum 14m x 8m. *The library should have a reading room. *Other resources, like a printer, scanner, etc should also be available. *Sufficient books for different age groups and varied interests and genres should be available. * Periodicals, magazines, e-books should also be available. *Library expenses must be provided for in the annual budget.
4. Computer Laboratory:
a) Size of the Computer Laboratory should at least be 9m x 6m.
b) A 1:20 of computer student ratio should be maintained.
c) 1 lab for 800 students is required and for every additional 800 students, one more lab is required.
d) The lab should have Internet connectivity with good speed.
e) Cyber safety should be of major concern.
f) A 2nd lab is required if any subject related to Computer Science or IT is offered in the Senior Secondary classes.

5. Mathematics Laboratory:
a)It Should be 8m x 6m.
b)The list of tools/instruments features in a different blog.

6. Other Rooms:
Sufficient rooms must be available for extracurricular activities.

7. Drinking Water and Toilets:
a) Clean drinking water should be available.
b) Adequate toilets for both boys and girls according to enrolment.
c) Separate toilets for Staff and Primary students.
d) Separate toilets for the physically challenged.
e) Signage boards should be displayed.

8. Recreation Facilities and Physical Education:
a) Facilities for the recreation of students and staff should be available.
b) Adequate ground for a 200-meter track Athletics track should be available.
c) Facilities for team games also should be available.



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