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Rejection of Affiliation Application by CBSE

Rejection of Affiliation Application by CBSE

When applying online there are a number of documents that need to be scanned and mailed to CBSE. On the basis of these documents, the CBSE takes a decision and forms the Inspection Committee, for physical verification. But if the documents uploaded or scanned are not satisfactory the CBSE rejects the application.
The application for affiliation may be rejected in the following circumstances:

1. Land Size:
The minimum land size, in general, all over India is1.5 acres. But in certain cases, specified in the CBSE Bye Laws, smaller size is accepted. If the size is smaller than the specified size.

2. Discrepancies in land documents:
If there are any discrepancies in the land documents.

3. Discrepancies in Lease Document:
If the land for the proposed school is on the lease, the lease deed must be for a minimum of 15 years. If there are discrepancies in the lease document.

4. Improper Affidavit:
The CBSE bye laws require two affidavits to be uploaded; firstly, the Non-Proprietary character of the Society or Trust managing the school and, secondly, the formation of the School Managing Committee. If there are any discrepancies found in both or either of the affidavits;

5. Non-availability of NOC:
The No Objection Certificate is given by the Ministry of Education of the State. If this is not in hand at the time of applying.

6. Recognition Letter:
In most states, this letter is obtained for the District Education Office and this is mandatory.

7. Difference in school’s address in Recognition letter and NOC:
If the address of the school is different in both these documents.

8. Balance Sheet:
If the Balance Sheet duly signed by a Chartered Accountant is not in the name of the school.

9. PF challan in the name of the school:
If the challan is in the name of the society or trust and not in the name of the school.

10. Certificates by Competent authority:
If the number of certificates, viz. Drinking water, fire safety, etc., are not in the proper format and not signed by the competent authority.

11. Ratio teacher:
section and teacher : student: If the ratio is not maintained.

12. Infrastructure:
If the room size which should be 1sq.m. per student, and maximum allowed per section is 40, if the number of toilets and the partition between each does not conform to the requirements.

13. Library:
If the number of books in the library is less than 1500 or 5 books for each student whichever is higher; size 1200 sq. feet.

14. Laboratories:
If the size of each laboratory is less than 600 sq. feet and the equipment is insufficient for the classes meant for.

15. Teachers’ salary:
If the salary of the teaching staff in the school does not commiserate with that of the State Government;
16. Teachers’ Categories: According to the level of affiliation is sought, if the total number of teachers is not divided into PRT, TGT, and PGT; a Special Educator and a Wellness Teacher’s details are not uploaded.

17. Reserve Fund:
if the specified Reserve Fund decided on the basis of the number of students in the school is not available.

Therefore, if any of the above documents are not proper or the formats are improper the application for affiliation may be rejected by the CBSE.

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