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Stages of Turnkey Consultancy Projects

Stages of Turnkey Consultancy Projects

Turnkey Education Consulting means providing solutions for all aspects of a school from one single source, thus Schools are hand-held right from the Idea stage. From the selection of a suitable site for a school everything is offered.

The Idea Stage:
Once the site is located for a school, it has to be ascertained whether the school at the selected site would attract students or not. Thus, the feasibility report generated after a thorough study of the area by Educare India the edupreneur is equipped with the knowledge of the status of the population, the paying capacity, and, the approximate number of school going children. Besides this the project finance report, too, prepares the promoter with the knowledge of the market.

The Preparation Stage:
After the study of the reports, the edupreneur prepares for starting the school. Educare India, at this stage, gives important inputs when designing the school building, with its years of experience and in-depth knowledge of both the NBC and the requirements of the different boards, viz. CBSE, CISCE and the State Boards. Educare India makes it very easy for the promoter by providing the contents and designing the brochure and the web page, listing the requirements of furniture, library books, laboratory equipments, sports equipment, etc., thus organizing becomes quick.

The Recruitment Stage:
The next phase is recruitment. To be successful, a school needs a good and efficient team of teachers led by an experienced Principal. Educare India’s recruiters are an efficient and diligent group who are able to board qualified, experienced and talented teachers for schools; be it Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers or Admin staff.

School Management:
The 1st phase of the building is readied with the furniture and equipments according to the class requirement. Text books, various registers etc. are selected. Principal, admin staff and teachers need to be trained so that they are prepared to lead the next generation of learner’s. Educare India comprises of very senior personnel with at least 2 decades of school teaching and administration experience. These personnel give training to teachers in the various aspects of teaching and administration that boosts their confidence.

Board Affiliation:
The entire process of Affiliation to school Boards is handled seamlessly by the Educare India experts. Organizing and arranging the documents, preparation for inspection, liaison with the Inspection Committee and the respective board office is all taken care of.

In short, Educare India brings diverse experience to the table when developing first-class solutions for fast learning and successful retention for the entire spectrum of school management. Our products and services include complete educational ecosystem setup, as well as training and consulting, and management.

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