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What is the On-Demand CBSE Affiliation?

What is the On-Demand CBSE Affiliation?

Private schools or Government schools need to be affiliated to any of the prevalent education boards in the country. The three boards in India are the Central Board of Secondary Education, The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, and the State Boards. The on-demand Affiliation is a fast track method of affiliation, against payment, the amount stipulated by the Board.

The on-demand affiliation request is usually made by those schools that had not filled the online affiliation form by the last date. The on-line CBSE portal for applying for normal affiliation opens on January 1st and the portal closes on 31st March of the same year for different categories. The categories for affiliations are:

• Middle School Syllabus Approval,
• Secondary Level Affiliation,
• Secondary Level Switch-over from other Boards,
• Senior Secondary Level Affiliation,
• Up-gradation to Senior Secondary Level,
• Senior Secondary Level Switch over from other Boards


want-to-start-school Under normal circumstances, a school has to apply a year in advance — that is before March 2019 for affiliation from the 2020-21 sessions. The charge is Rs.1.5 lakh for a fresh provisional affiliation up to the secondary level. The fee for on-demand affiliation is for schools in India is Rupees 10 Lakhs. Similarly, to include an additional subject, apart from those under the regular scheme, a school would have to pay the board Rs.1 lakh, excluding re-Inspection fees and fee for the subjects.

According to the same circular, schools would have to pay Rs.2 lakh to Rupees 5 lakh for speedy approval, an additional fee under ‘Pre-ponement of the session’, if they apply after March for affiliation, in different categories, from the following year.

The circular dated 1.4.’19 issued by CBSE clearly indicates that fee and penalty, which was not covered in the Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018 has been included vide Circular no. CBSE/AFF-BYELAWS/Circular No.12.2019/1469768 dated 01.04.19.

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