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Teacher – An Integral Part of the School

Recruitment of good Teaching Staff/Faculties in any school is a Challenge?

Every student deserves high-quality teaching and an efficient teacher. In today’s environment, students do not have the privilege to pick their own teachers. Parents’ influence is typically minimal, at best. It is largely Management or Principal who select teachers and make class schedules. Therefore, it is incumbent upon everyone involved in the teacher selection process to make the best possible selection. Although some school systems have the necessary resources to permit observation of teacher applicants in an instructional setting, for many, the teacher selection process is often grounded in the application, with its related documents (e.g., résumé, letters of recommendation, evaluation test scores) and the selection interview. What guides these all-important impressions and hiring decisions? How do we know that from a pool of applicants, we’ve selected the best?

By looking for research-based qualities of effective teachers during the selection process, we increase the likelihood of selecting the best teacher applicants. The typical teacher selection process asks for a plethora of information; we just need to refine our methods of interpreting this information through an effective lens. Research-based qualities of effective teachers can offer decision makers a means to ground what they look for in applications, on résumés, and during interviews. Thus, a well-constructed selection process should create a situation where teachers are selected based on a multitude of factors that ultimately influence student achievement.

In one of the famous books ‘Good to Great’, Jim Collins states, “when in doubt, don’t hire—keep looking”. The question to consider, however, is how we distinguish high-quality applicants from less-than-high-quality applicants? Moreover, how do we know a good teacher when we see one? What we are really aiming for in teacher selection is predictive validity—that is, the ability to use the information available about candidates to make hiring decisions that result in capable and committed teachers. In the final analysis for the teacher selection process, hiring an effective teacher is game, set, and match. Unless we do, hiring of quality teachers, we all lose as our schools fail and children suffer.

Further to this the existing quality should always be nurtured to higher levels and to do this, we as a team at Educare India look closely for quality and upgrade the inherent talent and skill sets of teachers.

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