The School Management Committee and its Role

The School Management Committee of a private unaided school, affiliated to the CBSE shall be formed according to the stipulations laid down in the RTE Act 2009. The total number of members should not be more than 21.

The composition of the SMC:

  • The Head of the School will be a Member Secretary,
  • 2 parents of students studying in the school, One mother and one father,
  • Two teachers of the school,
  • Two other persons who are teachers,or have been teachers, of another affiliated school or college, no,inmates by the the Trust/Society/ Company,
  • Two members to be nominated by the Board,
  • The remaining members to be nominated or elected by the Society/Trust,
  • Members may be nominated according to the No Objection Certificate, if any.

The term of the members shall be 3 years. Any member may be re-elected for the second term, but not more than 2 terms.

The Role of the SMC

  • The SMC shall supervise all the activities of the school.
  • The SMC shall ensure that admissions are made on merit and that no discrimination on the basis of religion,caste,creed,colour,disability,race, place of birth,etc.
  • The SMC shall look into the welfare of the students and the staff employed by the school.
  • The SMC shall evolve short term and long term plans for the improvement of the school.
  • The SMC shall appoint teaching and non teaching staff in the school.
  • The SMC shall exercise financial powers beyond that of the Principal’s, but within the budgetary provisions of the school.
  • The SMC shall take stock of the academic and non academic programs but without infringing the Principal’s academic freedom.
  • The SMC shall guide the principal in school management.
  • The SMC shall ensure that the the Acts or directives of the State or UT government or that of the CBSE are adhered to.
  • The SMC shall ensure that there are no financial irregularities or irregularities in examinations.
  • The SMC shall review the budget presented by the Principal and forward it to the Society/Trust.
  • The SMC shall approve the fees proposed.
  • The SMC shall address the grievances of the staff of the school with regard to their service conditions and pay.
  • The SMC shall ensure safety and security of the staff and students of the school.
  • The SMC shall meet at least twice in a session.

The provision contained in the Acts and Regulations shall prevail upon the above contents.

6 thoughts on “The School Management Committee and its Role

      1. Dear Hariharasudhan

        It is not mandatory to have trustees involvement in the school management committee…. But just to have a better control, it is a practice to have a one or more representatives of trustees in the SMC.

    1. Dear Hariharasudhan

      The involvement of trustees are not mandatory in the school management committee. It all depends on the trustee to have as many representatives they want in the SMC. But certain mandatory members required in school management committee cannot be substituted by these trustees. Like
      Secretary – By default, the principal of the school
      Parent member
      Teacher member
      Principal of other school’s etc

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