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The central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most preferred boards in India. It is the national board of the country. The CBSE syllabus is very structured, highly predictable and controlled. All national entrance examinations are conducted as per this syllabus with its influential educational policies, commits for the overall development of a students which make CBSE the favourite among students and their parents.

CBSE affiliation is an important milestone for a school project. Lack of awareness and clear understanding of CBSE requisites at times is a big hurdle in the growth of the school. The CBSE affiliation process involves infinite procedures, documentation, requirements and trained manpower to clear the affiliation process. We Educare India Advisory School Consultant will take care of the whole process making it easier for our clients to understand and reduce their efforts on this which could further be utilized to take care of other pressing matters simultaneously. Our team comprises of school consultants who are aware of the affiliation scenario and has inspected more than 4000.

The last date of CBSE application for all categories the cut-off date every year for submission will be 31st march of every year.

Stages of CBSE Affiliation Application process assisted by
Educare India Advisory Team


CBSE Affiliation Requisites and Criterion

  • NOC ( No Objection Certificate) from the state government in favour of CBSE/ICSE having no objection for school proceeding with affiliation process.
  • Recognition Letter – From the District Education Officer ( Permission/ Recognition Required up to Middle School for first time applicants or Secondary or Senior secondary affiliation from the state board for switch over cases)
  • Land ownership documents from the concerned Authority
  • Copy of Registration letter of the trust/Society/Foundation/Company
  • Affidavit of non-Proprietary Character, No relation in school managing committee, Clauses 15.9,19.1(i)(ii) & 7.2 of Affiliation bye laws
  • Land Registration Certificate
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Health and Sanitation Certificate
  • Safe drinking water Certificate
  • Building Safety Certificate
  • Balance sheet/Financial status certificate – Last three years
  • Salary paid through ECS/Cheque certificate – Documentary proof
  • Infrastructure detailed photographs
  • EPF deduction certificate
  • Staff Salary certificate by DEO
  • Staff & Salary details as per state pay/sixth pay commission

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Educare India Advisory is the leading consultancy in India, assists entrepreneurs and investors to set up a new school or upgrade an existing one. Our services support newly established schools for getting affiliation from CBSE/ICSE/IB.


want-to-start-school The biggest concern for any entrepreneur new to educational sector in opening a school is attaining CBSE affiliation. We answer questions like How to Start a CBSE School , How to do Project planning for CBSE School, How to open a CBSE school, The procedures to open a CBSE School, What are the expenses involved in opening a CBSE School, What are the procedures and compliances to open a CBSE school, How to get experience team to help start a CBSE School, Which is the best school consultants team available in India, How to prepare a feasibility report for CBSE school, How to prepare a CBSE school project etc.

Important dates, Processing time and FAQ’s Some Important dates:

– In general two members are part of IC but at times a central observer from Delhi also accompanies to look after the inspection process

CBSE Affiliation Registration Link Opening Date – 1st January of every year for Middle, Secondary, Senior Secondary & Switch over cases
CBSE Affiliation Registration Link Closing Date – 31st March of every year
Expected Reply by CBSE over the application – Tentatively 60-90 days after 31st March of every year
Constitution of Inspection Committee by CBSE – If the IC is constituted in the first reply itself, it approximately will take 30 days to conduct the Inspection at school premises.
Granting of CBSE Affiliation – Affiliation will be granted by CBSE in approximately 60-90 days in case of no deficiency is raised by CBSE.
How many IC members will come for Inspection?
What are entry level licenses required – Recognition letter from State government up to state government so that school is eligible for Primary/Middle & NOC from the state government CBSE affiliation
– Can I get the CBSE affiliation before starting the school – No
– Can I run two boards in same premises out of Which one being CBSE ? – No
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