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Why Math Lab is important in any school

Why Math Lab is important in any school

We Educare India Advisory Team believe that mathematics laboratory is relatively new in the teaching and learning of mathematics. It is a practical oriented classroom or place where materials useful for the effective teaching and learning of mathematics are kept.

Mathematic Lab for New School setup

(As per CBSE Norms “Affiliation Bye Law”)

The School should have separate provision for Mathematics Laboratory at least of the size of a regular class room.

How it will helpful for the student

According to Educare India Advisory experts :

A Mathematics Laboratory is a place where the mathematical activities are carried out under the guidance of teacher. In a Mathematics Laboratory, students would get hands-on experience to understand the basic concepts of mathematics and scope for new innovations. It helps in making clear and in understanding abstract concepts. It enables the students to apply the learnings of mathematical facts and principles in an actual life. It provides scope for greater involvement of both the mind and the hand which facilitate cognition. It is multi-sensory approach to learning.

Educare India Advisory experts assure that use of mathematics laboratory provide activities that arouse the curiosity of the students and maintain their interest in learning.

Educare India Advisory expert suggestion for New School Mathematics Lab Tools

Concrete Material: – beads, stick, pebbles, ball frames, number cards, balances, coins, weights, measuring tapes apparatus etc…..

Charts: – On the topics percentage, fractions, average etc…..

Picture & Photographs: – various Mathematicians

Models: – triangles, squares, solids …..

Calculating Machine: – Proportional Dividers, slide rules, etc…..

List of Maths Lab Equipments

1) Geometrical Shapes 4x7cms (Set of 20) Coloured 18) Half-Meter Scale-Wooden
2) Geometry Box-Canvas Bag 19) Shape Sorter Moulds (Plastic)
3) Measuring Tap-3 Mtrs 20) Dice (Set of 2)
4) Measuring Jugs & Beakers (Plastic) 21) Playing Cards (Plastic)
5) Wall Thermometer 22) Set of Cups (Plastic)
6) Spring Balance 23) Stencil Set (Set of 5)
7) Weight Sat (Metal) 24) Time Teaching Stamps (Set of 15)
8) Kitchen Balance (Plastic) 25) Dummy Currency Notes
9) Geo Board-Square (Wooden) 26) Shapes Magic (Wooden)
10) Transparent Geo Board (Plastic) 27) Standard Time Indicator
11) Counting Abacus (Wooden) 28) Add & Count Rods (Wooden)
12) Student Abacus (Wooden) 29) Tangram Puzzle (Acrylic)
13) Dummy Wooden Clock (Wooden) 30) Flash Cards
14) Game of Place Value (Wooden) 31) Fractions of Circle (Wooden)
15) Chart (Set of 6) 50x75cms Laminated 32) Fractions of Square (Wooden)
16) Graph Roll-up Chart 67x100cms 33) Fractions of Triangle (Wooden)
17) Meter Scale-Wooden 34) Shapes Board-Big (Wooden)



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