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Teachers Training: Case Study of Delhi Public School, Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh

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startingTeachers usually face the challenge of teaching students in the same class at various levels of academic progress. To be able to connect with all students in spite of their aptitude level and be assured that all have understood the subject matter, is the problem. Continuous teacher training can be a vital tool in updating teachers with the latest changes in pedagogy and give an insight into different Teaching Methodologies. This knowledge will help teachers to be prepared when teaching students with different ability levels.

The Management of Delhi Public School, Dhamtari,¬†approached Educare India to train their teachers. On the day specified a module on Classroom Management was presented to the teachers, through the teachers were told about the importance of classroom management, the techniques to manage a disturbed class so that the lesson planned for the day is successfully delivered. The next module was on the Remodeled Assessment System of the CBSE. The new assessment pattern for Class IX and X made clear to the teachers and a plan of assessment for lower classes was also suggested. A short presentation on Copy Checking was taken up to bring to light the mistakes that teachers make when checking the written assessments of their students. Examples from copies that had been checked by teachers from different schools were exhibited. Overwriting, spelling errors made my teachers, rubrics formed incorrectly, overlooking the spelling errors of students, etc. were shown to the teachers. Bloom’s Taxonomy was discussed in detail with the teachers and the most effective lesson plan based on the Taxonomy was presented.

The two-day training session came to an end with the teachers satisfied that they had learned something.

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